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June is a busy month for everyone sitting their RGT Grade Exams. I have had over 450 students all pass their Grades – about 80% setting Distinctions (so far no failures!). What’s the secret? The “Three P’s” – Practice, Patience & Perseverence viagra a. In fact there is a fourth “P” – Preparation.

Practice – the key is structured practice. Start with an aim (“polishing” scales or working out Lead Playing fills etc) and focus on your weaker areas. For beginners 20 – 30 minutes will do but for more advanced students you obviously need to put in more time (say around 45 – 60 minutes). Too long? Well you enjoy playing don’t you?

Patience – give your self some time! Take things slowly at first and let speed come naturally.

Perseverence – keep at it! Don’t get stressed if you don’t pick it up first (or second) pass. It has been said that to learn any complex skill takes 10,000 hours! Remember – guitar is for life!

Preparation – look after the simple things…….Tune your guitar, don’t loose your pick or study books, change your strings regularly (about every 4 – 6 weeks). Plus, “Read the Book”! Take time to go through your study books – they are full of tips (and the’ve been written by Examiners).

Also, talk to your RGT Teacher – we’re here to fix problems and keep you moving forward.

Good luck and be successful!

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