Guitar Lessons Surrey

Guitar Lessons Surrey.

I am Colin Berrido of Berrido Guitars and I run a dedicated Teaching Studio based in Bagshot, Surrey (which is close to the Hampshire, Berkshire borders).

Why come and have Guitar Lessons with me in Surrey?

Three simple answers:

1. I am a fully qualified Guitar Teacher – I hold a Diploma from the London College of Music.

2. I have an outstanding record of Grade Passes for the London College of Music Guitar Grades.

3. I teach what you want to play – you get to play the music you like.

I have over 40 years playing, gigging and teaching experience that I enjoy sharing with students. As well as teaching Guitar Lessons in Surrey I also give Coaching to experienced musicians – really sharing tips on how to sound good, instrument & equipment choices, including amps and effects pedals, through to how to arrange songs.

Having been been a gigging and working musician since my late teens I can also pass on tips on how to make yourself an effective and productive band member – the real key to success is simple: be prepared and plan ahead. It’s not easy being in a band – you have to balance your personal aims with those of other members, often very carefully so as not to “ruffle feathers”. Good negotiation skills can really help – and remember in all successful organisations there is always give & take and compromise (even if it’s never admitted!).

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