Baby Boomers Return to Playing Guitar

Baby Boomers – Return to Playing Guitar – Berrido Guitars

Hello again from Colin Berrido, the independent music teacher based in Bagshot Surrey, England with some thoughts for all fellow Baby Boomer guitarists out there.


Now being a Baby Boomer myself I can empathise with why the guitar is so special to many of us.

We witnessed the birth of Rock ‘N Rock listening to such great guitarists as Hank Garland, Les Paul, Scotty Moore and James Burton. In fact it was James Burton’s solo to “Hello Mary Lou” that lit my fuse! Moving on to the 60’s we were influenced by marvellous musicians like Hank Marvin, George Harrison, Keith Richards, Big Jim,  Sullivan, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, Peter Green Mick Green, Tony Hicks – the list could go on & on! This was decade of change & revolution led by the guitar.

The thing I remember about the 60’s was that there was such a tolerance for different genres of music – it was fine to listen to folk (Bob Dylan & Paul Simon), Jazz (Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass), Rock (Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix) and even Country (Johnny Cash).

In my teaching practise I am seeing a significant rise in Baby Boomers who return to playing guitar. They have perhaps finished with their primary career and now have more time to return to their long lost love – the guitar. I have a number of students ranging from 50+ up to their late 70’s.

There are many good reasons and befits why you should consider returning to playing guitar: it keeps the brain and fingers working, it helps you socialise by getting you out & about but also it “feeds your soul” by getting you to experience again all that great music that filled our youth.

So if you have the urge to pick up that old 1957 two tone sunburst Strat you have laying under the bed think about giving me a call on: 07762 941931 or via Contact Form (click on link). If not then I’ll give you a tenner for the old guitar! :-0)

Keep plucking and enjoy the music!