Exam Tips – On the Day

So, what’s the best way to prepare for your Exam? Well it starts the day before – make sure your get a good night’s sleep (save the party until after the Exam!). Also, plan how to get to the Exam (Google maps are helpful). Work out how you are going to get there, check on parking if you drive and estimate how long it will take you to get there (and if need be allow for the unexpected – like traffic!). A good piece of advice is to get all you need for the Exam ready the day before to avoid the last minute panic – check your guitar is OK (get it restrung if necessary), tune it up, pack your tuner and a lead, check you have supply of picks, take a some spare strings and pack your Grade Handbook. Finally, fill out the admin paperwork you were sent.

On the day make sure you get up in plenty of time and take some light exercise – a relaxed run or even just a walk; get some fresh air and blow the cobwebs away. If you want to have a light guitar work out session – just to get your finger working. Remember you already know the material inside out so there’s no need to stress your self out by last minute cramming.

If your exam is in the morning have a light breakfast of slow release carbohydrate – cereal is perfect. Avoid fresh orange juice (you don’t want to have to dash to the loo) and strong coffee (avoid the caffeine shakes) pilule viagra prix. Drink at least two glasses of water – to hydrate yourself (rememeber the human brain is over 90% water – and you want it to function at it’s best). If it’s in the afternoon then have a light lunch of slow release carbohydrate – pasta is ideal.

Leaving for the Exam – obvious statement but go to loo! Give yourself plently of time. If you think it will take 45 minutes allow 90 minutes – don’t get yourself stressed out becuase you think you are going to be late. Take some water with you and also a glucose based drink (like Lucozade) – take some sips of both but don’t drink the lot!

When you arrive at the Exam Centre find out where you have to go – it will usually be sign posted but you may have to ask at reception if it’s in a univeristy campus or large school. Once in the waiting room you’ll probably meet other candidates – relax and say hello (they’re just a nervous as you!). Get your guitar out, get tuned up and run through your scales (which is the always the first section in an RGT Exam – or most exams in fact). Relax and have few more sips of the glucose drink but again not too much – you don’t want to be hyper on sugar, just nicely fuelled.

Next time I’ll share some tips for During the Exam.

Keep practising!


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